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CTC Booking Policies

Cruises: (No booking fee for Virtuoso Preferred Cruise Lines)

Linda Kinsey and Gail Rodenhauser are cruise specialists with excellent working relationships with our Virtuoso cruise vendors and representatives. We make sure that you get the extra amenities you deserve.  Custom Travel checks for  Virtuoso Voyages benefits, Travel Experts special priced groups, and also checks to see if the cruise line is having a special promo that will benefit you.

With a cruise, Gail and Linda will gladly book your pre and post trips of maximum 3 days without a fee. Pre- and Post-bookings do include tours, hotels, and transfers. 

Clients can be charged a shipping fee for Documents and Umapped services. Normally the fee will be approximately $25 or less.


Tailored Vacations: $150 per person consultation fee



Consultation –Travel Experts requires a minimum of 4 months before travel for Tailored Vacations

Air – Air can be arranged by Custom Travel and Cruise or by the client. Custom Travel & Cruise will charge a fee of $100 for individual international air. Virtuoso Air and Travel Experts Air are the normal providers of our air services.

Hotels- Custom Travel and Cruise will place clients in recognized 4-star or 5-star hotels. CTC only books 3-star hotels when there are no other options available in the area. CTC is careful about the properties where we place our clients.  When possible, we put our clients in a Virtuoso hotel which gives the client extra benefits and amenities. (See our partner hotels here: fee will be added if not commissionable by the hotel.

Tours & Activities – Custom Travel & Cruise has a wide range of suppliers and guides throughout the world. Our working relationship with these on-sites helps us create the perfect trip for our clients. 

Last Minute Bookings – A fee of $350 per person is charged for Tailored Vacations with three months or less planning time.

Insurance – Custom Travel & Cruise highly recommends travel insurance for all travelers.  CTC asks that our clients sign a waiver if they do not want to purchase insurance for their trip.  Gail and Linda will give our clients a quote from our insurance providers, or the client can get insurance on their own, or the client can go to our website and book directly on the site. (See: Travel Resources)


Rail Bookings: A fee of $100 is charged for International train reservations.

Group Bookings: Please contact Linda & Gail

Linda and Gail are group booking specialists.  We book affinity groups, family groups, professional groups, and we have our own CTC groups.  Call us for information if you want information or if you would like to do a group.

Gail – 256-533-3328

Linda – 770-949-1133

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